360 Elite taking a long time to save on SF4

Anyone noticed that their 360 elite 120GB HD is taking about 10-15 seconds every time it makes a save on Street Fighter 4 as opposed to the first first time it made a save which only took 3 seconds?

Is this occuring on 360’s that aren’t the elite?

BTW somehow my saved game got erased (maybe I turned it off before it completely saved?) I lost all my BP and medals. Apparently its saved within your hard drive, if someone wanted an ego boost they could just manually edit their save file go straight to the top of the leader board.

Only happens when I play fallout 3 and it just started doing it yesterday after like a week of playing it. I got the 60gb one though.

They don’t make 60GB Elites:confused: Do they?:confused:

Anyway, have you saved the game to your HDD? I hear that was supposed to shave time off of loading times and saved across all games except Halo 3. If you have installed it and it just started doing this, uninstall it and see if your results differ.

I mean I have the 60 gb version of the 360, not elite. Even installed, its loadtimes are crazy.

Interesting. My load times are 5 seconds max on my 360.

My friends who have an elite, I have noticed that on. I have a regular pro with a 20GB HD and everything is nice and quick.

Seems more random to me, I have a 120gb Elite (is there any other?) with the game installed to hard drive, and I’d say it’s about 50/50 between 3 second saves and 15-20 second saves. Does get annoying during matches with friends.

This happens to me too. I have the Elite. I deal with it. Thankfully this happens after the match and not before otherwise I’d be giving up free hits. My friends ask me why it takes so long, I just tell them that my system’s better than theirs so it’s saving in HD then they usually shut up.

Either this is a known problem for the Elite systems due to some idiocy at M$.

…OR your hd is dying. Too bad the xbox will not show you the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive…

I have the 20gb drive and its zippy fast.

I have the new RE5 elite and have the game installed on the HD and haven’t noticed any extremely long game saves. Had the game installed on my Pro 20 gig before with no problems. Do you have a bunch of stuff on your HD?