360 EX2 stick modding

Hey, I just ordered some parts to mod up my EX2 Hori stick. I was just wondering what kind of joysticks would you guys advise me throwing into this stick. Since the case from the looks of it doesn’t seem to have much space. Hence the Happ 360 stick is automatically out of the picture. I was thinking of throwing in the Seimitsu LS-56-01 joystick, I just need to take apart this stick to make sure even that joystick can fit into the case. Also want to throw in some Sanwa OBSF buttons to replace the current buttons in the EX2.

Also, I’ve been trying to find Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y which I can’t seen to find anywhere, or it is way back ordered. But I do have a Real Arcade Pro for PS3, and I was wondering if I could take apart that stick and throw that joystick in the EX2 would it fit? Not only that, but I would have to throw something else into that Real Arcade Pro PS3 stick, most likely a Seimitsu joystick of some sorts since I still use it to play SF4 on PS3 once in a blue moon and I do not wish to completely wreck my Real Arcade Pro stick.

Thanks again for all the responses in advance,

Everything you need is right here

Thanks a lot, learned a lot from that thread. Now just to see which joystick I want to put in this stick…