360 Fight Stick TE on the PC *HALP!*solved


So I just got a TE stick for the 360 and I can’t get it to work on the PC :frowning:

A few months ago I got the 360 pad to work by downloading a driver, I just tried to install that now and it said something about pc needs to be service pack 1 or 2, though I’m sure that was not the case before?

I don’t even have SF4 for the 360, so obviously I’m pretty pissed atm after paying through the nose for this?

Any help would be great :frowning:

I figure this should stay here in case others run into same problem…

Go here. And follow instructions depending on your OS.

Secondly, make sure the little switch at the top is set to LS.
Mine is set to LS and the lock is on and its working fine for me at the moment.

Finally pleased to get a decent joystick, now I just need to learn SF4 and sadly won’t be able to blame my longtime failing joypad!


you could’ve just used search and find the answer.