360 FightPad questions

I just got the game (on PC) and a FightPad. I have two quick questions about it.

  1. Is there any way I can buy additional faceplates without having to buy a new controller? All I could get locally was a Blanka controller, but I would love to have a Cammy.

  2. I just got on the game for the first time, and noticed that a few things are not assigned to any buttons by default. Throw, Focus, and Personal Action. I have been looking around the internet on layouts to incorporate these for the past hour and have only found one post on GameSpot about it. It said to assign Throw to A+X, but whenever I try to do this, it only picks up A.

So if there is no way to put a dual button combination for anything, I was wondering if I should just replace LP+MP+HP with Throw? As I said, I just got the game, so I do not know if there is a real purpose to LP+MP+HP yet, but I assume having Throw in my button layout is rather important.

  1. No clue, doesn’t seem likely, since the art is a part a part of the controller shell, and it would be VERY difficult to make a template for art to go on top of that. It’s far easier on a stick, of course, since the surface of the stick is flat, and the art is put on with an adhesive, as well as screwed in by fasteners on some sticks.

  2. Throw is usually done by pressing A+X, focus is done by pressing Y+B. This is the standard way of doing it on both controllers and sticks. If it only picks up A, it may be an issue with controller compatibility with your PC, or you’re pressing A before you’re hitting the X. Check input display in training mode to see whether or not the X activates only after you’ve pressed A. If so, then you’ll need to practice pressing both buttons at the same time. Personal action is assigned to pressing both hard buttons, which are the trigger or shoulder buttons.

  3. x3 punch or x3 are both used to perform ultras, and helps to perform EX moves as well. They’re pretty important to have assigned to one button, since its very difficult to press all 3 punch or kick buttons at the same time on a controller.

Aha! I feel like a dork now. I went to training after reading your post, and A+X is already set to throw, it just doesn’t show it in my button layout. Thank you very much for helping me clear that up, and for explaining the importance of x3P/K to me :smiley:

No problem, I hope you enjoy playing the game. It can be difficult at first to start to get some wins, but once you learn how to play the game properly, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s a steep learning curve to play Street Fighter at a mid to high level, but once you do, its very rewarding.

Be sure to read all of the stickies in the newbie forum and SF4 forum for answers to your other questions that you may have regarding the game.

Good luck and have fun.

Throw is always set to LP+LK (Focus always to MP+MK, Taunt always to HP+HK). Those things in the options are just there if you want to bind it on a separate Button as well (like, if you have problems pressing HP+HK at the same time, you can set Taunt to LT or something). It’s not necessary and definitely not needed on a 6Button-Pad.

You can easily replace the faceplate but just unscrewing the screws(also note there is a screw behind the sticker on the back middle!!) but I dont think they sell just faceplates alone.

I have taken a few apart since they tend to not last long(the little rubbers that make the d- pad work inside break/crack)

If it DOES happen to break on you like 3 did on me, then check this pad out, its got some great button config options(ALL 8 buttons with ONE hand on ONE side), is plug and play on PC as well and seems to be built better/more sturdy:


Welcome to PC SF4