360 firmware upgrade question

My friend bought an older 360 from a pawn shop and it has the original 360 firmware. When we power it on, it asks us to insert upgreade disc and an option to select continue with upgrade. Since we don’t know what the upgrade disc is, we assumed we could use any old 360 game, thinking one of them could have the firmware built in, but no matter what we do, with or without game in the drive, it tells us to contact MS support, which I have done four times, but the people in India don’t understand what’s going on here.

If anyone knows a way other than XBL to upgrade a 360 to NXE please let me know. As it sits right now, this 360 is useless. The system has never been modded, or tampered with.

I thought you just connect the Xbox 360 to internet and it updates automatically.
That is what I did.

Put a hard drive with NXE in the machine. That should update it.

Alternatively, you can put your new hard drive in a machine with NXE then drop that in your new X-Box.

jdm - The console will not allow me to do anything other than click continue as I boot it up, then it takes me to that ‘contact support’ screen.

CanadianDstryr, I’ll try that out once I get a hold of another friends HD. Thanks

Try putting a newer game in(MW2 or something), it might have it on the game. I know a few games do this.

Have you tried hooking it up to the internet and powering on with no hard drive connected? It seems strange that it won’t let you past that screen. The update should happen automatically as long as an internet connection is present.

you know if it still has the original dashboard, theres actually alot of ppl who are in the market for those specific types of xbox’s

you can sell it and get him a new one.