(360) Gamer University announces UMvC3 Ladder with Cash Prizes


Hey Marvel fans FireFlash here from GamerUniversity.com currently sponsored by Twitch.TV. We are a professional eSports organization specializing in Starcraft 2, as well as DotA 2 and many Xbox 360 Titles including Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, NCAA Football 13, Madden NFL 13 and more. We have professional teams in DotA and Starcraft 2 and are looking to branch in the Fighting Game Community.

In effort to promote the Fighting Game Community, I am looking to sponsor a few good fighters to send to local events like CEO/ EVO / Curley Mustache and others, I have also launched a Monthly Ladder Competition sponsored by Twitch.TV with the first month’s prize being $100 Cash and 2nd place taking 25$ Cash. As the months continue the prize will get bigger and bigger and we will also be featuring a major tournament in Miami Florida called QQ More sponsorship by Gamer University and others.

If this is something that interests you please go sign up for our ladder at http://GamerUniversity.com

Direct link to Ladder - http://www.gameruniversity.com/forums/ladders.php?do=view&id=2

Feel free to add me on Xbox Live @ DJ FireFlash or Skype @ XBLFireFlash if you have any further questions or post below.

Thanks for your time,
Brandon “FireFlash” Ferris
Twitch.TV/GamerUniversity **


i wish i was good at UMVC3 :frowning:


I can’t do shit on your site without making an account, can’t even read the articles or the ladder you linked to. You should fix that. People aren’t gonna make an account if they can’t even get basic access to the website first.

Also you might want to explain exactly how a ladder works. As a final point, the netcode in this game isn’t very good, so if people are playing coast to coast it’s gonna be awful.

EDIT: That said, good luck and I’m always happy to see more streams and more support for tournaments and the community so good shit.


Thank you so much, I completly forgot to turn on view ladder/tournaments for unregistered users for that tournament, it is fixed now


wheres it at?


Looking forward to joining this.

Also, an obligatory meme…



Bump, added few more things for Marvel on site/.