360 HDD patch/swap help


Well…I don’t need help, yet on swapping out the hdd. The first thing I need help with is getting my computer to recognize the SATA drive.

I tried on 2 different machines and neither one shows the HDD in the My Computer or even in the Bios. The only way the Bios will pick up the HDD is if I disconnect the original HDD from the computer. Then it will detect my western digital scorpio 120GB HD that I’m trying to patch so that it will work in the Xbox 360.

The 1st machine I use a PCI RAID controller…the second machine has the SATA ports built into the motherboard. How do I get the computer/s to detect and display the 360 HDD without having to unplug the computer’s HDD. Because I can’t patch the 360 HDD that way, or can I?


I only had the 360 sata and a usb hooked up when I did mine. However in the bios you may want to check your legacy options for sata devices, thats what I had to do to get it to detect my wd scorpio drive.


I second that, check ya bios!


Thanks. So I need to set it so that it detects Legacy drives?