360 headset to fit in madkatz se//te stick?

Q: Does the older 360 headset work with both sticks?
A: Yes, they will include an adapter

Found this from gizmodo.com

There is not much from that pic to see what the whole thing looks like. Does anyone know where I can buy that adapter and know the name of the adapter? Also, how much does it cost? I was at radio shack a couple of days ago before I had to go to work just to browse and find anything identical to that pic above, but I wasn’t really sure what I had to get.

It’s a simple quick question. Just name a store, name of adapter and I’ll be there.

2.5mm extension

Yup, Radio Shack has 6’ ones for around $8, IIRC. If you want shorter and/or cheaper, monoprice.com should have 'em.

why make a pointless thread about this… its common knowledge that it works…