360 Hori Stick with Winkawaks? Mame?

ok so i have the Vf5 hori 360 stick and it doesnt work with winkawaks or Mame.

is there any way to get it to work with them? i have Joy2Key but i have no idea how to get it to work :rofl:

i put in actions for the stick and they are always out of order, or some buttons just dont work.

does anyone have a setup file or anything for joy2key for the hori 360 stick?

There is a thread about this, on these forums. If you browse around you might find it under the name Hori Ex2 or something like that.


please, its called search. USE IT.

I have the same problemā€¦ The thread answers nothingā€¦ Yeah I make an .inf w/ the info there but still no goodā€¦