360 HRAP VLX, removing plastic sides?

A friend just gave me his VLX with the warning that it needs some love and care.
I found 1 live spider and 1 roach, perhaps a bedbug, in it. Not to mention a few shells and legs all over.
That sickly sweet scent.
Alas, I’m from Brooklyn so no big deal. compressed air and some clorox wipes.
Now the side panels bug me. I can get 3 screws off and kind of rotate em up but I cant get deep in there.
Also it looks like me forcing it up and to pivot off the last screw I cant see has bent back some plastic inside. Probably need an xacto and just trim that off.
I need to go in on it. I got it wrapped in a garbage bag for now until round 2.

Edit: Yea, a bedbug. I pressed down and it exploded in a fashion worthy of Mortal Kombat.

Your description of that arcade stick frightens me.

The best way to get easy access to remove the sides is to remove the back plastic piece and the front panel. You could probably get away without removing the front, as it sounds like you have, but the back is really necessary.

Yeah, that’s disgusting.
Honestly, that’s part of the fear of buying junker electronics off of Craigslist and stuff. Or even working electronics like consoles and arcade boards. :\

I don’t think I’d even take “free VLX” as a trade for “potentially getting my house infested with roaches and bedbugs”.

Yea I saw 3 screws easily reachable but pulling out and up a bit I could rotate it on another screw.
Also a bunch of nuts/bolts. Theres “residue” in the hinges area. It’s a shame to want to abandon this, but I cant risk getting bed bugs at home over something like this.

This is a good friend from HS, so we’ve known each other a long time. The TE stick i’ve been using for years was his, no problem.

I told em bout the bed bug as a precaution and he said he had an infestation months ago said it was addressed. apparently not.
I can’t blame em, I had a bedbug issue for a month or so and they just disappeared. I lucked out. I hear stories of them things just lingering for years.

The TE was giving me issues so I figured id get it sooner than later, but I think I’ll pass for now. I bagged it in a garbage bag and left it in our IT room at work. Let’s see what happens.

If I lean forward, I can still smell that roach scent. I guess I’ll need another shower.

If you’ve braved it this far just leave it in the garbage bag for a month until everything is dead in it then get to work. You need to be the most hood rich VLX owner out there.

Yea, matter of principles. Its a shame to let it go considering it aint that bad.
I’ve lived in spots with worse. Where I am now has some issues because no matter how clean you are, if in an apartment building you can’t do anything about other tenants habits. So thats why its not THAT bad to me because its a fight I have to do on occasion.
But the bedbugs is a whole other level of severity.
I figure i give it a few weeks and try and dismantle it to absolute smallest bare bones.
At worst, I could just take the pcb and slap it into my TE since its acting up and should have more than enough space. Harvest the stick and buttons, call it a day.
Push the case onto someone else :slight_smile:

Just throw one of these in the bag!


Bad enough I used compress air to shoot legs and carapaces all over a VIP visitor office :).
I couldnt go near it. Leaning in all I could smell was this “sweetness” which I know doesn’t belong.

You’re just not used to the sweet sweet smell of a VLX baby

Roaches are like cats in the way they can slip though tiny openings.

Good god, the gift that keeps on giving.
I still have this at work. once a week or so I go back there when I have 20 mins before the end of work to clean it up a bit. Every section I peel, I find something else. So far everything has been dead. I did find an egg in the bag yesterday after not touching it 2 weeks. But it may have fallen from somewhere else. I need a nutdriver to remove the whole frame as I saw a big dead one in there that wont fit through the grove.
When I got those plastic end caps off, more carcasses hidden inside.
On a whim I opened up the whole Xbox/Back/turbo button area. then decided to open that up. roach legs crushed in the rubber/graphite contact for the xbox guide button, and a dead roach stuck in the turbo 1/2/3 switch area. Madness.
Compressed air hit the side of the box with the main electronics and legs shot out.
Im about to pop each sanwa button up and open to confirm. But yea… that sweet scent though. I had it stuck on my hand which held a clorox wipe the whole time.

New plan! Bathtub full of bleach. F’ the PCBs, just replace them with a Brook Board and a JCC aux panel.

Ehh, the point is to try and not spend a dime. I still have my TE 1st edition where Up/right acts up on me. I got a spare xb1 mini controller i meant to try and dual mod, but I doubt I’ll even hook up my 360 for anything so I may just bypass and just disconnect the 360 bits and put in the mini.
what baffles me is I have this thing almost dismantled to just the sheet metal and it still has that odd scent.

Hey @TheGlow check out the above new XB1 Mini tech from @poisonmar !!!

Show us a pic


[details=Spoiler]J/K I know that wasn’t directed at me :tongue:

+1 vote for pics too!!![/details]

Nice to know. I don’t have a PS3/4 and didnt expect to play on it, but good to hear about it as I bought 4 of these. 2 for mods and 2 for the kids after they saw and wanted it. (never used of course)

I think I found the main source of the stink. I opened the little project box with the main PCB and there were roach droppings all over.
I cleaned it up and poured the juice in the clorox wipes into the plastic shell, top and bottom.
I opened each sanwa button up and luckily those were fine. I just have to remove about 6 more screws and 6 nuts and then it will be absolutely dismantled.
Any kind of side effects if I were to let the pcb sit in that clorox? :slight_smile:

Yeesh. I was removing the hinge bar that connects the top and bottom parts of the frame and I find a tiny white bug. The hits don’t stop.

So what I am reading is, the VLX cases are an excellent breeding ground for bugs.

Just that folks with in the FGC are dirty