360 input lag only w/ two sticks plugged in


I’ve yet to find any one talk about this situation, usually it’s LCD TV related or 360 vs ps3. But this is what is going on. For the longest time I’ve been playing at a local meet. The TVs there seem to lag randomly. Sometimes worse than other nights. I’ve been comparing this to my set-up at home, and even to online play when I play at home. So the other night a buddy came over and we played versus at my house and on my TV for the first time. And wouldn’t you know, it does the same thing. It’s not only on my stick. And I have 3 myself. All three seemed to do it. I tried plugging one at the front and one at the back. Has any one else noticed this?

Is this why tournaments usually use PS3?


So what your saying is if the matches are local and 2 player, the game will randomly have input lag !

I had 2 situations offline where my button inputs just freeze (PS3), directional controls ok but you simply can’t get anything out for a few seconds. And I’m sure my stick is fine …


No. PS3 is used because Sony sponsors Evo and provides free PS3s to use. Evo is the tournament standard in America. Even then, a lot of tournies are switching the 360 for various reasons.

As for your input lag problems, sounds strange. I’m curious if that’s a think that’s universal to 360s or just yours. I’d imagine it’s just your 360 because we have a lot of players here that are very sensitive to input lag that don’t notice a difference.


it’s not just my system. It’s on 3 different systems all different models. 2 different versions of the slim and one original elite. 2 tvs are the same both LG. mine is a samsung. I’ve even forced the 360s to drop in res.


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