-= 360 Mad Catz TE Arcade Stick is not compatible with PS3 =-

Any suggestions on how I can configure this?

I’ve searched… and buddha damn, there’s enough posts, and I’ve searched through about 5 without a single sign of anyone explaining anything further about this subject.

I only have 1 arcade stick (PS3), and my friend brings his (360) but his stick isn’t compatible on my PS3. Vice versa for my stick on his 360.

If the only ways are to:

  1. Buy 2 arcade sticks for PS3.
  2. Go play in a arcade.
  3. Buy 2 arcade sticks for 360.
  4. Play on PC (I don’t want to play vanila SF4)

Any other suggestions than these please?

I’ve heard of a configuration mod or something that has to deal with my PS3’s motherboard or something… I’d like to look into it if anyone sends me in the right direction (links please).


You haven’t read enough or are too new. Look into “dual modding” through the various posts here. It’ll show you how to mod your stick to work with both.

Optionally, there are third parties that do this for ya.

This is one dual mod:

Thanks that was a great help, with the first post aswell.

So I bought this wii controller but, it wont work on my playstation 2

any information on this?

I really want to get motion sensing on my ps2 :frowning:


Dual mod those suckers.

You couldn’t just link the youtube? Had to click like 6 popups away because of that mess.

He was also being sarcastic. I guess you missed the memo.

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No u.

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