360/MC Cthulu/Supergun TE stick wiring diagram help


Hey guys. Cast your eyes over this please. http://puu.sh/ZItS

What this diagram is, is my plan at getting a regular 360 TE stick dual modded to work on PS3/360, with the option of PS2/Dreamcast and also CPS2/Supergun.

Now I haven’t been able to find a complete diagram for wiring of 360 TE PCB to the MC Cthulu and the Imp V2 (just Imp V1 it seems), so first thing I’d like to ask is, have I at least got the 360/Cthulu/Imp part wired up correctly?

Now the second thing is the supergun support. My understanding is that CPS2 controls are one function for one wire, meaning no control PCB is needed as it is a) basically built into the hardware and b) the buttons simply act as switches, so in other words, I understand that if you took a wire and bridged button 1 and gnd on the jamma harness, that would give you a jab on screen, right?

If that is the case, then it would seem like all you need to do is connect a signal wire and ground to each button. So, assuming this is the case, I decided to run cables from the relevant pins to the underside of the madcatz TE board, where the buttons are connected (rather than soldering more cables to the quick disconnects), and just use the same ground pin as the Imp will use when I make up the cables, as only one cable can be connected at a time, and it saves soldering many wires to the connector.

So would that be ok so far?

Now the final thing that I’m a little confused about is that there is a +5v out from the jamma harness which would be pin 1 as I have on the diagram. I know the golden rule is that all PCBs should be powered all the time, but are there exceptions to this? Since the buttons simply act as switches connected indirectly to the JAMMA harness (and do not require a PCB(, they don’t require a seperate power source such as the +5v right? If I do need the +5v, this can be solved easily by connecting the RJ45 Vcol to pin 1, and changing how I plan to make my USB/retro console cables.

I guess for tapping into the buttons, I could also use the screw terminals, which would probably be a way better idea since it’s not a major effort to reconfigure something if some superguns aren’t all wired the same.

Should I just connect the +5v anyway, does it even need it? I’m a bit confused. Thanks for reading.

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The reason to power up all the PCBs is because the PCB may act like a closed switch when powered down.


Thanks for the info. I guess I really should connect JAMMA +5v to VCC on the Imp or MC Cthulu in that case, then the Imp, MC Cthulu and TE PCB will all be powered on when using the supergun connection. I suppose if I was just making a bare buttons connection I wouldn’t need +5v, but the PCBs complicate things slightly in this regard

My main concern was that by connecting +5v was that if I run the risk of frying anything, because I’m not 100% sure my wiring is correct, or really how these circuits work. With a bit of luck toodles might see this thread. Basically all this is, is a nomral MC Cthulu + 360 TE + Imp V2 install, with some feeds for the buttons taken from the bottom of the Madcatz PCB or the MC Cthulu screw terminals to short the JAMMA pins.

I just want to check if anyone knows if this setup will cause any potential problems with shorts or frying anything


USB on the consoles is +5V. If hooking the ground and +5 lines into the USB lines causes problems, then there was something wrong with to begin with.


Well I didn’t specifically mean that there might be problems running JAMMA +5v to the point on the board where the USB +5v goes, as you say it’s the same voltage and what not (just as long as both are not powered at the same time). I guess what I’m getting at is would the way I’ve wired the underside of the madcatz PCB to the DB25, cause any issues, shorts or stuff if I were to connect a supergun? I know that most of the rest of the wiring is sound (I believe the way I have the 360 PCB connected to the Cthulu and Imp is right) and I know adding the +5v from the JAMMA harness wouldnt hurt anything if it was impossible to power that at the same time as the USB - it’s just the question of the wiring of the madcatz pcb directly to the pins.

Looking at it logically, when the supergun is connected, it will be connected to the 360 PCB in the same way as the Cthulu, but I’ve obviously designed it so only one can be powered and in use at any one time.

I guess the +5v would be essential actually, not just because of what you mentioned before, but I neglected to say that I want to install the remora and Arceye 3 lights. I presume the lights will work with any console, providing I take a +5v line from the controller port, plus the console can safely provide enough current right?

Thanks for your help so far bro, oh and thanks for the HDR hitbox site, it’s been really useful.


I don’t have any experience with the Imp. Your diagram looks sane. If you want an explicit response from toodles, you should go to his thread.
(I get the impression you know what you’re doing, and are worrying too much.)

That’s about the size of it, yes.


Diagram updated in first post as Toodles was kind enough to confirm everything is sound and pointed out a mistake which is now corrected. I hope this is beneficial to others :slight_smile:



Excellent diagram. I’m going to devise a similar one for mc cthulhu, imp, and a brawlpad/fightpad. I know it’s probably be done, but this type of diagram is much easier to follow.