360 Modded Agetech

Fully modded with;

LS 55 stick (has sanwa spring)
OBSF snapins for P and K buttons.
Seimitsu buttons for everything else.

Custom made plexi top panel with SFIV logo.
Countersunk domed nickel plated guitar screws.

Wired 360 PCB.

Will be ready as soon as my 10kohm resistors turn up for the triggers.

80 + shipping.

really nice stick good work

Agreed. Very nice color scheme :tup:

damn weak dollar

wow i might want this. but it looks like there is 1 extra button for the thing or am i just trippin?(1on each side left and right. 3 on back 7 on top.) how much is US shipping to california

Xbox button.

yeah that doesnt explain why there is 1 extra button lol. xbox controllers have 11 buttons that case has 12

maybe there isnt one on the right side

i was just thinking that. im waiting for the op to say there is or isnt lol

Only one on the left yeah.
I was thinking Guide in the middle (the clear one)
Start on the small white one.
Back on the left there.
And lb rb on the other 2.
There are actually 13 buttons on the 360 pcb.
A switch for r3 and l3 :wink:
If the stick was going to be used for mame or something these could be wired to face or side buttons.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: