360 Motion

Hi, i have just started out using hugo, and am having trouble with the 360 motion. I occasionally get it, but most of the time i am just jumping up and down erratically. Any tips on getting better with it?

You don’t have to do a complete 360 motion on your joystick in order to get his 360 slam. You can do a 270 (from forward to upback), or you can just do from forward to up clockwise just to be sure. Even with a 270, the game will still register it as a 360 motion and you’ll get your 360 slam.

It’s the same concept with the standing 720 Gigas. You can do a 540 and still get the Gigas, cuz the game recognized the motion as 2 360’s.

There’s always a sweet spot in your joystick where you’ll be able to get a good feel for the 360’s and 720 for the game to register it, so just play around in training mode and keep practicing.

Oh! I just remembered something also, and it helped me a lot with Hugo. Another thing you can do is go from forward to back, but then you sort of “skip” upback, and go from back to upforward and you’ll still get a 360. Maybe that particular motion would be easier for you.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

At my arcade all the hugo players mash circular motions for 360’s.

When not under hit or block stun, spin from forward to up or from back to up, When coming out of hit or block stun you can go up (can’t jump at all to mess it up at that time) then immediately a quick halfcircle.

Thanks Guys. I’ll try it out.