360 or PS3 version?

If a thread on this already exists, please point me to it because I couldn’t find it using search.

Should I buy SFxTekken for the 360 or PS3? The PS3 obviously has advantages like exclusive characters and online coop. But is the situation similar to SF4 where the better players play on Xbox Live since there is less lag? To me, that alone would make the 360 version more worth getting.

Unless you actually want to play the console exclusives or want to play “couch co-op”, then really it doesn’t matter. I seem to find matches quicker on the Xbox than what I do when playing at a friends house who has a PS3 but that really doesn’t mean all that much.

I prefer Xbox because of the full screen AA and lack of retard gimmick characters that I don’t have to put up with online. Otherwise they ar epretty similar, not sure if the ps3 input lag problem exists in this game, apparently 360 drops frames but it’s not noticible to the human eye from what I can see and only in super cinematics.

PS3. Those cats man… They’re just funny.

Any idea which version will be used at tournaments?