360 pad issues

ever since i downloaded the gears 3 beta, ive had issues with all my other games. while in game, the pad would be fully charged, yet it says please reconnect controller. the issue corrected itself for certain games like gears 2. but unfortunately i still have this problem with games like battlefield BC 2, Gears 1 etc… the solution was to plug the charger into the controller while playing. sadly my charger caught fire and i have a fully charged pad, but for those games it keeps disconnecting. is this a common issue? does anyone know of any solutions?? help me please help :(:sad:

I never heard of this issue before, I am assuming you used a 3rd party charger. Chargers aren’t supposed to CATCH on FIRE.

Invest in a better quality Charger and Rechargeable battery pack. If not a MS Battery and charge kit, one that been licensed for MS
You get what you pay for.

never saw it like this. yeah its a 3rd party battery and charge kit that i was offered when i bought my 360. i should have none better due to how cheap it was. thanks for help