360 padhacking, wired or wireless?

I am considering trying to padhack a 360 controller to my MAS stick. Is there a reason other than price to use a wired controller as opposed to a wireless?

with a wired pad, you don’t have to install a batterycase or use a play and charge kit (as DH020 showed on his stick).

on the other hand, with a wireless pad you can’t fuck up the console, when messed arround with the soldering or something like that. and of course you do not have the bothering cable.

go for the wireless, it is worth the money i can tell you :rofl:

ok, I read some things about people being scared by lag but I don’t see the worry. The 360 wireless is flawless.

The MAS has 4 screws holding the bottom panel on. I am going to get some of those plastic sliders with a screw threw it (like a picture frame) so I can get to the battery pack.

good luck man post pics when done :tup:

Also, if you have an iPod video or similar type device, you can just use that as a place to backup your porn, I mean data.