360/Pc Hitbox Style Stick - Best way to make it PS4 Compatible

i have a hitbox style stick with a x360 fightpad pcb which works fine on pc/x360

the issue i have right now is that the local scene guys use all or most of em the ps4 version
of sf5 so i have to do something to make my hitbox work on the ps4.

first thing which came to my mind was the brook converter.
i had the chance to test it with a other hitbox on a ps4 and the first thing i noticed is
that shortcuts doesnt work the same way as they do on my hitbox on pc/x360 which
you can use the same way on a keyboard so that option would be none for me because
i really dont want to relearn how to use my hitbox.

and with that there seem to be just the option to swap or dual mod the stick with another pcb.
which one can you recommend in term of being as lagless as possible and easy to use in term
of modding the stick?

ps: i know there is a general tech thread but its such a specific question i thought its better to create a new thread for it.

Brook Universal Fighting Board. It has compatibility with the current and previous gen systems, and PC.

Or you can save a few bucks and dual mod with a PS4 pad.

there i have the concern that the motions get mixed up the same ways as with the converter.

the stock one?
i heard the mkx pad for ps4 would be a good choice

I was thinking maybe a Hori pad. Dualshock 4 isnt recommended because of difficulty. MKX would also work but requores diodes in a dual mod setup.