360 pcb question

I have hacked many of these and never had this problem before.
I have modded a sega virtua stick high grade to take an official 360 pad pcb.
I took out the common ground for the ps select l2 and r2 buttons.
Have wired everything up and get a very strange double input.

When I press left the left thumbstick button is also activating (l3) and visa versa
And when I press right L2 is also on,

This has happened with both PCB’s I have put in the stick and I just cant figure it out.
There are no shorts and as its been the same for 2 pads I cant see it being a coincidence.

Any help would be appreciated.

thats new to me. but i always individually ground each and every button since i dont trust the whole matrix shit that the pcb uses.

you should get those new mad catz micro 360 pads that are sold at www.gamestop.com that use a common ground for ALL buttons, no matrix bs

I have wired every button twice and not looped any but still :frowning:
I will have a go at those pads. Thanks.

A bump because I cant figure this out at all.

how did you take out the shared ground for the ps select l2 and r2 buttons? i’m under the impression that they are on their own pcb and have nipple type buttons. for the mod to work i’m assuming you would have to create a ground connection for each if you used an official 360 pcb. did you create a new pcb so each button would have their own ground? something like this?


I modded the pcb that was there, Cut the ground trace into 4 and scratched solder points to it.