360 PCB question.

Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and have been reading up on making my own stick. I am pretty excited about it, and have been reading into it a lot. An issue I am running into is I am finding multiple pictures of the pcb’s signal and ground spots. I am finding pictures that contradict each other. So I was wondering if anyone who knows for sure a picture that shows the correct labeling on the spots for a official 360 wired controller. I would appreciate it very much. Sorry if this is an overly easy question I just want to be 100% sure before I get going with it!

What is so contradicting?

There are two different type of PCB, Common Ground and non-Common Ground.
Both are correct.

Sorry, what I meant was that I found two pictures of the same style controller buy one says the ground and signal are for example the right side is ground and left side is signal. While the other says the opposite left signal and right is ground.

Can you show me?

this is why I am confused :confused:

You’ll have to explain a bit better-- It’s most likely not a mistake, but just a different pcb even though it’s the same controller.

If that is the case how do i figure out which one I have?

I see.

Those two Controllers are not the same PCB.
That is why.

Both are Microsoft.
First is a Common Ground:


Second is non-Common Ground:


Those two match exactly the pictures you linked.

But being Common or non-Common Ground is not why Ground is on left or right, Signal is on left or right.
They different because they different.

Ah thank you! That makes a lot of sense. Now all I need to do is figure out if the remote I got is common ground or not. Actually I noticed both pics you showed to me from slagcoin are the same right? Both common ground?