360 ps3 adapter.!

i just stumbled upon this…any thoughts comments??? anyone have one of these and tested it w there stick/pad???

there’s a thread about this…

but imo, $85 for a adapter, you might as well spend a few more for another stick…

few more being a few hundred… but still :chat:

Bottom line: it’s a piece of shit.

why do you say that? has this one been tested? i thought it was just the 360 to ps3 adapter that had been tested as not working.

It was posted in the converter thread. It lags and drops inputs despite costing an arm and a leg.

Edit: Oh this is the XCM cross FIRE, the one that’s been tested by Markman is the XCM Cross Battle.

probably going to be just as bad but you never know. maybe the fact that it uses the 360 controller like the xfps will make it work better.

dammit that sux. 360 has no converters.

If there was a converter for about $20-$25 and is lag free, I would buy one. I really think there could be a market for this. I mean if you have a PS3 stick, you could also use it on the 360 painlessly, without having to have a second stick.

any news on this?

^ This. XCM hasn’t made a decent converter yet. I wouldn’t hold out for this one.