360/PS3 Arcade Stick?

Wasn’t able to locate a thread on this topic but…

With new Street Fighter’s coming out for 360/PS3, anyone have any ideas as to what kind of arcade stick someone can use? I only have my Masstick for DC and PS2 and I can’t seem to find any info on getting it to work with a 360 or PS3.

Thanks in advance

Get a converter for PS3.

360 has the Hori sticks.

And that’s all.

PS3: Real Arcade Pro 3 and Fighting Stick 3.

360: DoA4 Stick, EX2 and http://www.arcadeinabox.com/Scripts/default.asp.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 is very good, but it’s out of print now. D:

Shouldn’t this be in Tech Talk? But anyways what they said above…or you can get a PS3/360 custom stick.

Will it be cheap? - Most likely not, but it’s one less stick to have around.