360/ps3 on VGA monitor


does this shit even exist ? some one buy and test it out please.:rolleyes:

I have one that I don’t need anymore.

is it real ? works fine ?

Why wouldnt it be real?

Anyway it works, works well.

Even better than their first generation product.

for a long while i used the official xbox 360 vga adapter for play on my monitor and it worked great,

HD Fury - HDMI to VGA convertor.

cause 2 years ago anything that existed , either didnt work right or was fake !

My 360 is plugged directly into my 22 inch widescreen lcd and its delicious (like how the guy in the wendys commercial says delicious)

oh yes that was my setup, it was great for playing games and watching hd-dvds

the only reason i put my tre-sitty in the living room is cuz my roommates wanted to watch some of the high def movies