360/PS3 universal joystick?

Hi all,

I’m new to this fighting genre of games and I’m planning to get a both ps3/xbox360 compatible joystick. Any recommendations?

I found 1 on etokki, the joytron paewang revolution. But can’t find many reviews on it. Some people told me to stay away from it.

Anyone of you can comment on this before i get it? Or are there better alternatives?


does modding the stick and buttons all to sanwa make it a better choice?


i would get an hrap vx/va or a TE and then get it dual modded.

if you know basic soldering skills you can get everything done for under $200 depending on if you do it or someone charges you to do it. (stick - $100, pcb - $40, labor -??)

it’ll be more reliable than a paewang (although their PCB’s are great).

@booty I read it already. But they dont mention the paewang at all. Nor do they mention universal fight sticks. I saw the converters section but they dont really support all sticks.

@osiris haha i have no experience soldering anything. and where i come from, there arent many people who can do it for me and parts aren’t as readily available either ): best they can do is change the buttons and stick. that’s why i was considering just getting the universal stick. saves trouble lol

Qanba Q4RAF XB360 PS3 PC Compatible Joystick PREORDER

Try a Qanba Q4RAF - PS3/360/PC out of the box! FocusAttack is only taking 30 pre-orders though, so hurry :slight_smile:

The stick itself used to go by the name Mayflash. They fall under the category of “if it isn’t mentioned, it probably sucks.”

The stock parts aren’t really good and even if you mod it, you end up with a nonstandard button/stick layout. I would either dual mod a TE or consider the Qanba.

dual mod a TE.