360 R1 TE PS3 Super TE and PS3 SE


100 obo 360 R1 TE mp starting to go, missing some face screws
80 obo PS3 Super TE Plastic covering is coming up on the corner. buttons and stick are perfect
40 obo PS3 SE no usb cable, all stock. good shell for a custom stick.


Would u take 70 shipped for the TE s ps3? If yes, pm me ill take it. Thanks!


Prices do not include shipping


i have some of them. i just found 9 of them this morning. and most are pretty worn.


will get rid of all of them for 200 shipped to anywhere in the continental US


How much use would you say the 360 TE has seen? Or perhaps a better question would be, what condition is it in? It looks pretty beat up… how did you lose the screws?


it was my tournament stick since 2010.

i like the round 2 graphic more so purchased that early this year.

a good wipe down and new screws would up the appearance, but since i’m selling the stick i haven’t gone through the trouble.

i have the screws, but i used a friend’s tool to get them out and never got around to putting them back in. was at a tournament and just wanted to play my match lol


Do the prices include shipping?


I’m sure the prices don’t include shipping.


prices do not include shipping

still willing to take offers


PS3 stick sold

new prices 80shipped on the 360 TE
30 shipped on the SE