360 Round 2 TE Buttons stop working


So I bought a 360 Round 2 TE during the Madcatz keychain promo. I took it out of the box for the first time yesterday to use on my PC. Everything was working fine and well for about 20 minutes on GGPO when suddenly in the middle of a game, my fierce kick and my 3k buttons stop working all together. I thought I had done something in GGPO, went back to where you map the buttons and nothing responds at all.

So I have a couple questions. Is there a chance something happened to the PCB or something else? Is it possible somehow the wires for those 2 buttons came loose? Would I be able to open the controller up to take a look at it without voiding my warranty? Or am I just better off calling madcatz and having it replaced? Has anyone had an issue similar to this?


Use the hex key you got in the keychain to open the top of the stick - it shouldn’t void the guarantee as there’s only a sticker on the baseplate AFAIK.

Though it’s unlikely that any wires have come loose as it sounds suspiciously like the older model problems which were supposed to be fixed in the Round 2. So contact Mad Catz.

Ho hum…


What exactly was the older model problem? Looks like I’ll have to give them a call. Sucks, really don’t want this to take another 2 weeks. I bought this stick to be modded for multi systems. Getting all the parts was a big delay in its own.

On another related subject, I have an AMD computer, and I busted out the 360 TE last night because my PS3 TE’s werent working on it. I was told they only work on intel based pc’s. But someone mentioned that they will work if I purchase some specific of PCI USB hub. Anyone know a model # or anything?


If you got the stick to be modded for multiple systems, why don’t you have whoever was going to mod it for you look at it. It might be something simple that they would spot.


I was going to do this myself. I’ve got a rather experienced friend at work who’s going to show me how to properly solder. I’ve been reading tutorials on the process, but beyond following instructions, I’m not sure I’d be able to diagnose a situation like this beyond a wire being disconnected in one way or another. Also the reason I asked if it could be something with the PCB.


Called customer support. Pretty disappointing, they wont send me a return tag for this, or cover shipping in any way. Won’t send me a replacement either, so now I’ll have to wait for this to be inspected and repaired. I had a huge problem just ordering this from them during the keychain promotion, and now this. I really enoy their product, but their service has been a very big let down.


This is disturbing… I have the PS3 version, and in a process of procuring the XB360 version for ChImp mod. I say disturbing for 2 reasons.

  1. I thought the issue with the Xbox360 version of the PCB was resolve on the Round 2 sticks.
  2. I thought Mad Catz customer support was very good on these sticks, and I’ve read somewhere that they send out replacement PCBs pretty willingly.

What is the ‘Inspection and Reapir’ process you mentioned? They’re not sending anyone out to you are they? Are they asking you to send in the entire stick back, or just the PCB? If they’re asking for the whole stick back, you should call them and ask if it’s OK for you to send in the PCB only…


They just want me to ship the whole stick back. I haven’t cracked it open or anything. So I understand all that. I just don’t like that they have to repair it rather than just save me time and send a new one out, or even cover shipping. They told me they don’t have shipping labels, which a a bunch of baloney, as they can be snail mailed from wherever they have a UPS label printer, or even emailed and printed out these days.

I work in an RMA department so I’m pretty used to the whole process, and this is just a disappointment. I was told it will take 4-6 weeks from the time I ship it.


In this case, I guess your best bet is to keep the stick and do the Paewang board mod. It’ll probably be a lot cheaper. I guess the gotcha is that you’ll lose the earphone jack…


I already have everything purchased and in shipment for this stick to be modded. Already at around $230. I’m going to give them a call and see if they will give me a Defective Return, rather than this warranty repair crap, which is a pretty standard thing with companies.


There’s a thread on this. Unfortunately not really a solution.

A friend of mine got 2 Round 2s last week and the LT/RT are dead on one of them already.



Mad Catz…


I hope MarkMan is making bare noise about this.


Discovering all this is pretty depressing… Well I called back to see if they just would mail me the PCB, as a tech here at my job said desoldering the USB cable and replacing it is cake and saves 3-5 weeks and shipping money. Called at 11:30am pacific, got a message saying they are closed from 12-1pm for im assuming lunch. Just not my day I guess. Try again later.


Replacement hopefully before the end of next week. Lets hope that I get a good PCB.