360 se stick not working

hi guys, i just got a madcatz se stick for xbox 360 and i cant make it work with my pc and laptop. I have another crappy and old pc (pentium 4 and via chipset-windows xp sp3) and it actually worked, but on my main rig (amd athlon II x3 gigabyte 790gx mobo-windows 7 64) windows installed the driver just as in windows xp sp3 but it doesnt register any input. its detected as pc usb wired stick 8818, i just noticed that even the turbo red light isnt working, but it works on my old ass pc. My laptop is a gateway nv52 amd dual core.

An help would be appreciated


i think theres drivers for windows 7 you have to manually download from the microsoft website.

it should just be plug and play…

i think with service pack 3 in xp, and since then all later versions of windows, they have the drivers already slipped into windows

as i stated before, windows update automatically installed a driver but it seems like if its not been powered by usb, i can tell that because of the turbo red light not working, weird thing is that it worked on an old pc. i read somewhere that it could be a uhci issue or some thing like that, like the usb not powering the stick