360 SE Stick + Ps3 mod

I have a 360 SE Stick and a Ps3 SE how can I do a dual-pcb mod ? can this also work if I buy a Cthulhu board ?


you have a 360 and a PS3 PCB , no point in buying a Cthulu … because that in short is a PS3 pcb … anyways… if you gut one of the SEs … whatchu goin to do with the case??? … heh …

I want to take the PCB of the PS3 SE and add it to my 360 SE So I can have one Stick for both how can I do this any help (tutorial)?

beastSPL if I get this to work I going sell the case

There is a huge post here called “2 pcbs in one stick possible?” or something like that. Do a search for it.


I dont want to use a Cthulhu I have a PS3 SE Stick and I want to take the PCB out and put it in the xbox SE Stick so the links are not helping me . Can this be done?

Gut the PS3 SE? Nah. Sell it and buy the Cthulhu. Would be cheaper and more efficient than gutting one stick just for another.

if I get the Assembled Cthulhu of lizardlick will I have to solder anything like the buttons and joystick?


Once again,

There is a huge post here called “2 pcbs in one stick possible?” or something like that. Do a search for it.

seems like your doing something you shouldn’t be. a lot of the stuff your asking is out there.

keep both sticks working, no sense in killing one, to make the other dual pcb

make the 360 se dual modded, and sell the ps3 se, or put a ps3 cthulu board in the 360se, and a madcatz common ground pad in the ps3se, and have 2 dual modded sticks lol.

speaking of theory here… THEORY… you can gut the PS3 one, im thinking you only need the main PCB and run the lines like you would a cthulu … and just add a switch, i really dont think it would be that hard …

NOW … is it practical ?? by all means IMO, not really … you just spent 75.oo retail on a PS3 stick that easily sells for 130-150 with sanwa parts just for the PCB, when you can get a assembled cthulu for about 45-50 after shipping and do the surgery for a dual modded 360 SE and still have an intact PS3 SE …

ok 1 Iam a noob in moding arcade stick all I done is put in new Buttons and joy… The thing is I don’t no how the cthulu board works The other Thread don’t look like it would help me

Then you shouldn’t even be thinking about adding a second PCB to a stick if you’re a “noob.” There’s a gigantic thread here on the Cthulhu courtesy of Toodles, who also created the thing. You can purchase an already complete Cthulhu and then you do minimal soldering. If you’re not willing to solder, then don’t even think about a dual mod without getting someone else doing it for you. Both ways require soldering. Do your research before asking questions, and do your research before purchasing items.

But like I said earlier, it’s more efficient and practical as beastSPL stated put it, to sell your PS3 SE and go with a MC Cthulhu and Imp board as Bomberman showed in his thread, which I linked you to.

Good night and good luck.

Well technically, they’re both common ground PCBs right? So it is possible to use the PCB from the PS3 SE stick.

Well, then he’ll have to hit the 2 pcbs in 1 stick thread Starcade RIP referenced twice.

I just dislike the notion of gutting a perfectly good and somewhat rare at the moment SE that people would pay more than retail for.

Oh its possible; it’d be a damn waste, but it’s possible.

OP, you see a situation, and you want to tweak the stick(s) to do what you want. I respect that. I also know that you’re not familiar with this kind of work. That’s cool too. The problem is that no one wants to step up and walk you through the process. You need to understand why that is though.

People are pointing you to the Cthulhu because there IS instructions you can follow to install one in the 360 stick and have a dual system stick. They’re sticking to their guns because no one wants to take the long painful responsibility of hand holding you through a difficult project when the better option exists. Doing it the way they’re saying, you blow $20 for the unassembled kit, maybe another $9-10 for an Imp, and follow the directions; by the time you’re done, you still have two sticks, and one of them works on both 360 and PS3. Compared to gutting a $150 stick, well, duh. Plus you have directions, photos and all that already there.

This forum, and myself in particular, helps those that help themselves. ‘Please tell me how; write me an essay/tutorial/photo journal/voice recorded notes/etc’ doesn’t really fly too well. You’ve got links to tutorials specific to the madcatz sticks and dual pcb setups, and the ‘2 pcb’s in one stick’ thread which covers dual pcb setups in general. If you read through those and still have questions, feel free to post them there, AFTER you have read the threads. They both contains tons of good info. And if you ask a question like this without reading them, expect to be further ignored. If what you’ve received here isn’t good enough for you, you may end up sorely disappointed with Tech Talk.

Exactly, so when the OP tries to do it, ruins his PS3 PCB, he can sell me his empty case. Doesn’t it all make sense?

I’m just messin’ :lol:



Save one for me. I need to get one of my own sixaxis adapters in a stick eventually.