360 setups, mix-ups



I’m just fooling around with Hugo. I need some inspiration for 360 P or K set-ups.

Any dirty 360 P punishes?


Clap, walk-up 360
Clap, Clap, walk-up 360
Bodysplash, pause, 360
Bodysplash, lk/cr.lp/cr.lk, pause, 360
Launch, reset with late cr.lk, 360

360p and 360k can both be used in the above examples if you allow for slight timing differences. Ultra Throw (the wall throw) can also be used instead. There are many other useful setups for each one. Examples:

Lk/cr.lp just outside throw range, opponent parries, cancel to 360p or 720
2x cr.lp, 360lk

The key to creating a useful Hugo grab setup is to either use trademark heavy attacks with gigantic frame advantage (such as Claps and Bodysplashes), or to use unexpected light and fast pokes (such as cr.lk) to throw your opponent’s rhythm off and give you an opening wth ticks and dashes. With Hugo it is important to try and avoid becoming predictable, because scared opponents often make big mistakes. Sometimes the threat of getting grabbed by Hugo is more useful than the grab itself - an example is when you see Hayao/Kuroda/YSB trap an opponent in the corner with some Clap pressure, then dash in and crouch block. The opponent sees the dash and becomes scared, at which point you should be looking for them to jump out so you can intercept them with an instant Backbreaker (lk version) to catch them on the way up and dump them back in the corner.


whiffed clap > 360P

great for downed opponents