360 setups

What setups you use when you are going to use Gigas. I mean, in some way that doesn’t involve jumping.

after a ground parry but you gotta be quick. sometimes if my crossup body splash connect i walk up and gigas. thats all i can think of with ground, sometimes if i feel lucky ill go ahead and do it on wakeup

but, after i air parry ill do it. after i parry someone in the air ill do it.

For the most part, I like to Gigas out of block stun, or off a ground parry.

On occassion I’ll slip in a whiffed UOH - gigas, or a UOH tick into gigas…

Another one is after a knockdown, train your opponent to expect jumping +fierce crossover, cr. short xx clap. Then use the cr.short to store a 360, walk in a step and gigas.

Honestly though, I find that I’m most successful off a parry and coming out block stun. Setups work occassionally but, they all have counters.

Edit: And if you’re feeling really risky, you can use dash up gigas… lol

If someone does a dragon punch or something, you can do a command throw and intentionally miss while they are in the air; when they land, you can have your Gigas charged up and ready to rip.

Don’t sleep on jump-in Gigas. The fact that it’s so scrubby is what makes it work (on occasion). That said, use it rarely, and only after you’ve taught your opponent to just stand there as you jump in.

Dash up is fine, uoh whiffed or ticked is cool, whiffed attack as the opponent wakes up is cool, after a clap is cool, jumping fierce splash into walk up gigas is cool, whiffed jumping strong or forward is cool, after you parry anything is cool, blah blah blah is cool. If the opponent parries an attack of yours that is cancelable, you can cancel immediately into gigas and land it. My favorite way, though, is as an antiair. If the opponent empty jumps in, you can do a crouching short/crouching jab/normal throw/something else quick where you buffer in 360, and then do another 360 a split second later just as the opponent is landing. It looks like a tachi (standing) gigas, which is badass.

Oh, and the best way: tachi gigas. Just spin the stick quickly. The shorter the stick, the smaller rotation you’ll have to make, the faster you can get it out.

Easier to just whiff c.short

And I’m still surprised by the success rate I’ve been getting with random jump in SAI.

One sneaky was to land a Gigas is after you knock them down and if they don’t quick roll whiff a c.short right before they get and as soon as they do activate the super, real risky, I only use during casuals.

What’s that reset in the corner? It’s like, jab reset, whiff jab clap, 360/720.

You can do standing l.p -> 360 l.p …
Works better in the corner…
Can also be done using gigas …

Another fun one I didn’t mention in my earlier post is the clap wiff on wake up.

Wiff a clap really late in their wake up, so it looks like you’re attempting a meaty clap. Buffer a 360 in the clap then wait a sec to see what they do, if they smell a gigas and jump you got a free air grab. If they sit and block - you got a free gigas.

Edit: If you can tachi it’s even easier.

So if you see them uppercut you blk and 360/720? I don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds. Otherwise you can just keep air grab them until they don’t jump. Hence 1 knockdown means the round is over?

Most people won’t uppercut on wake up if they see you going for what looks like a meaty clap, because the clap would trade with the uppercut, they’re gonna block. If they’re crouching it’s a free gigas because they won’t be able to jump in time. If they’re standing then you react appropriately.