360 Stick Availabilty Problems

And no I am not talking about the TE stick. I cannot for the life of me find any place that has quality arcade sticks for 360 in stock or are not over-priced by $60-$100

Places I’ve tried:

ebay.com <-- Lol I expected it here

I don’t have my TE stick for my PS3 yet either (but I will have it in my hands any day now so I’m not pissed at all about that), but my search for a stick for 360 has been an epic failure. Should I just wait till March/April for the next batch of TE sticks and get one for 360 or what?

Suggestions/Help please?

The SF IV hype seems to have made it much harder to pick up a stick. I was trying to find another SFAC (old) stick to mod and they’re selling for 150+ on eBay. I bought the one I have a few months back for $60 shipped. If you can’t find anything then it seems reasonable to wait for the next TE batch. Otherwise you’re probably going to end paying more than you should.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that it’s near impossible right now to find a decent stick that’s not overpriced. Your best bet would be to look around in your area and see if any retailers are carrying any sticks. Or, check the Trade Outlet, but 2009 registrants can’t post there, so if you find something, I guess you’d PM the seller… >_>

Will more SE sticks be available too when more TE’s are made? I don’t need 2 TE’s and it will cost less even with the modding.

I would assume they are going to continue to manufacture all three products (SE, TE, and Fightpad) until demand slows.

As long as stuff is selling out they have no reason to stop.

From what I’ve been seeing, it looks like most places should be restocked within a week or 2.

Yeah but that’s with the mad catz stick, any idea if the Hori Real Arcade Pro.EX will be restocked as well?