360 stick button layout?


So which one is it ? I’ve played the demo on PS3 with a stick but there is no such wayout for my sanwa hori stick on the 360 version.I can make a custom layot but what is the standart ? What are people using ?


I’m guessing everyone has their own wacky layout, the button situation in this game is really poorly designed. I’m doing this:

1     2     Trait
3  Meter  Stance

This way I get 3s style throws, interactables top two on the left, and super is bottom two on the right. Easy to get to everything.


well i did the tsabin (ps3 defult) thing, 1 2 iteraction
3 trait stance. yeah the controls are retareded. They want to apeal to sf crowd ? with this ?? what idiots


Not that I would get one just for this, but would an MK stick be better? I feel like this layout was designed with pad warriors in mind.

Chad I’m totally using your configuration, seems to make the most sense.


I’m using a Marvel 2 stick. So far I like:

Light Medium Fierce Meter
Power Throw Stance Interact

Seems pretty easy this way.


Yeah not feeling the layout but I’m using

Light Medium Fierce
Trait Meter

For grab, interact, super, stance, ect., I just do them without having a shortcut button.


I’m using the default, but I really need to switch it up.


light    medium     meterburn
heavy  trait           stance


Since my stick is 8-button, I’ve been doing the BB/MvC3 layout.


I don’t use the shortcuts on it, and I actually wish there was a way to turn them off.


MvC doesnt use the buttons in the far right tho.


Time for me to, “retrain my brain.” L M H MB


1 2 3


Actually, I throw the assists on my pinky buttons in Marvel, since I have an 8-button stick and it lets me keep my fingers permanently over the other buttons.

And really, there’s no perfect comparison. I chose the Marvel/BB comparison to relate Trait to Special/Drive. It’s also a Soul Calibur-esque layout, with Trait taking the Guard spot (a semi-decent comparison for Luthor and Doomsday).


As the old SRK Tech Talk saying goes: 6 button is cooler, 8 button is dick.


There is already a thread for layouts, Release Check and Alt Controls:


Why are you linking a thread you made 4 days ago in an 8 day old thread? Is this some sort of disorder you have?


Yeah. 6 is in fact coolor. And 8… quite the dick.

(This confirmation is brought to you by People That Know That 6 Is Cooler And 8 Is Dick foundation. All donations accepted.)


And you’re disorder is to troll and insult people in order to make yourself feel better. I’m trying to clean up forums, not have people ask the same questions in multiple threads. What positive contribution are you making with your post(s)? Do you think you’re cool insulting people over the internet? Attention seeking can lead to trouble. Be Wary.
The thread I made covers ALL layouts, not just 360. Why divide the systems and have a billion threads on layouts?


When will people learn that everyones opinions are garbage. Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one and they all stink.
Everyone needs to STOP caring about PS3 layouts, or Xbox 360 layouts, or layouts that d3v uses, Layouts that Daigo Umehara uses, or what mad catz, Hori, Sega, Ninendon’t, SNK, Taco Bell or Namco … who, who gives a flying fuck. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Pick the fricking layout you like (that means all of you), know that it be inferior to what ever I pick, accept this and move on with your sad lives.

(Also I got 8 buttons like a Russian Stallion on PCP)

Official Button Layout (Stick/Controller), Release Check & Alternative Controls Thread

Dumb guys LOVE Injustice.