360 stick


This question has prolly been posting a couple of times already but I couldn’t find it. So I’m gonna do it again, sorry in advance!

I just got back on third strike thanks to the BC with the 360. 2 problems, first one is the lag (but we all know about that one), second one is the damn controller and the fact that I can’t connect any arcade stick I got at home.


  1. Can I use a PS3 arcade stick (Hori) on my 360 because they both use USB;
  2. Are there any convertors for sanwa (PS1) sticks available for 360;
  3. Is the DOA stick for 360 any good?

Arigatou! :sweat:



Yes, it is however insanely expensive at $80 and also requires a wired original pad.

No, the default components are crap.


Thanks for letting me know I’m pretty much screwed :slight_smile:


people give doa stick a worse rep than what it deserves. not as good as a sanwa or seimitsu. but its the same hori sticks we all know (US t5 stick, FS1-3). shit works fine. would i rather use a sanwa or seimitsu? hell yeah. but i still think doa4 stick is a good alternative. plus it can get modded


Yeah, the DOA stick is an ok entry level stick. Its a lot better as a sanwa clone than the SFAC stick as a Happ clone.

I’d rather just use a custom with a sanwa, but you could do a lot worse.


hahaha, i tried it few weeks ago just for fun, was horrible


Not trying to be dense… I just want to be sure I understand. A non- modded Hori RAP will not work on a 360 with this converter.



If I had a HRAP I would try it, I just got the converter and haven’t been able to test it yet.


Just mod the madcatz 360 pad its easy.