360 sticks vs ps3 sticks

this may be a trivial question, but i wanted to get expert(s) opinion. is there a big difference when it comes to sticks between the two systems?

i’m new to the whole arcade stick scene. with the limited exposure i have, so far, i’ve noticed far more pictures of 360 sticks than ps3. is it because people prefer them more or just that people with ps3s don’t use sticks as much?

Now I’ve seen everything…

Dude, the reason why theres more xbox360 sticks is because more people own the 360 compared to the ps3. There is no difference between a 360 controller PCB and a PS3 Controller PCB or arcade stick in terms of feel.

If people own a PS3 and would like to play games with a joystick on there then they’ll build a stick compatible with the PS3. If people own a 360 then they’ll build a joystick for use with that. There is no specific reason why you have seen more 360 sticks, it just comes down to the fact that those people have built them because they would like one for that system. Difference does not come down to these two systems, it comes down to the parts you use, adapters (if you use one that is laggy), game performance. That kind of thing, not because of the console.

If anything it is easier to create sticks for the PS3. You have the Cthuhlu board, different controllers, adapters to convert different controllers. With the 360 Microsoft are a bit dodgy on third party devices so your main option is to hack a pad. But that has nothing to do with the difference between the systems.

sorry for the confusion. i didn’t want to make my question seem like a console vs console thing.

the question came to my mind when i read this.


what seems like identical sticks are ranked differently. i know it’s someone’s opinion, but many others seem to agree with this person. so i thought maybe manufacturers use better parts for different consoles.

That tier list factors in much more than you’re thinking. The main factors are the parts used since that factors in whether the parts are Sanwa/Seimitsu or imitations, or whether the PCB in the stick is common ground or not. The thing is, in the end, you’ll be able to mod any stick with the parts you want. Everything is rated on how the stick comes out of the box. You might think that you see more 360 sticks than PS3, but the list you mentioned includes more PS2 and PS3 sticks. PS2 sticks are compatible with the PS3.

Those differently ranked sticks are not identical. For example, Hori makes a lot of RAP sticks, but they differ in terms of Hori buttons versus Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons; soldered on buttons versus using QDs; Hori sticks versus Sanwa/Seimitsu sticks; mounting brackets that allow only Sanwa or both Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks when modding; turbo feature available versus not, etc. Those are the reasons why Markman ranked them the way he did and not because of the system the sticks are built for. When the features are identical, e.g., MadCatz TE PS3 versus MadCatz TE XBox360, so are the rankings.

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so a real arcade pro for ps3 will differ from a real arcade pro for 360?

That’s a good list to refer to if you want to know a majority of what is/was available.

Pay attention to the letters after the Real Arcade sticks. They specifically designate different models. Compare to a Honda Civic DX (economy) and a Honda Civic EX.

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personally I have been buying more Xbox360hardware…

but it may have something to do with the fact that I own an Xbox360.

If I owned a PS3, I would be buying PS3 Sticks.

I’m so confused as to why this was even a question.


360 out-of-the-box has a 360 pcb

when people mod it to include ps3 support they just need to spend ~20-30(dont feel like checking) to get a cthulhu.
as compared to spending for a 360 pcb if they were to grab a ps3 first

also 360 pcb has working drivers for PC. Yeah there’s PS3 drivers now but they don’t work for all PCs for some reason

ps3 sticks are better theyre known to have less lag input. ps3 is just better all around. dont waste ur time with xbox. itll be dead in a year or so.


more likely that sony would die first.

360 sticks vs ps3 sticks

360 sticks for 360
ps3 sticks for ps3

/close thread

p.s if you want to duel mod your stick (to have it work on both consoles) people are more likely to buy a 360 stick and buy a cathulu board for the playstation PSU as its easier to set up.

there are no major differences other than 360 is for 360 console and ps3 for ps3 console.