360 sticks?

Since I decided to be a slowpoke about SF4 and all that good shit, I’m without an arcade stick and I can’t find a damn place that sells anything decent or has stock(Amazon has 2 RAP’s for 240 and I really don’t want to spend that much). Any SRK people know any places that have stock?

Edit question: Found a japanese EX2. Do those work with american 360’s? I know its prolly a retard question, but I want to be sure.

Whaaat?? I got my hori real arcade ex a week ago for $130. Why is it $250 now?

I’m not sure where these sticks are in stock, but is this topic really necessary?

It’s always like this on Amazon. When they sell out, individuals try to cash in.

And the topic seems relevant enough

I’m having the same issue myself. I really need arcade stick but cant find any for there usual MSRP pricing.

I just got one of these a few days ago. $149 is a pretty good price for a HRAP although shipping from play-asia is pretty expensive. They were the only place who had one and seems they’re out now too.

This one comes out in April and since every other 360 stick seems to be discontinued it may be your best bet. It’s listed as compatible with Japanese 360s though and I have no idea if it will work on a US 360 or not.

You could always buy a custom from SRK’s trading forum. They can be pretty expensive but you can get custom sticks that are just as good if not better quality than any of the high end retail sticks. Plus they usually look a lot better.

I kinda like the look of the hori sticks for some reason.

i got my hori ex2 from the states, i paid $150 CND including 44$ shipping!!!
but i love the stick, and its good quality.

I know this is a no brainer but do NOT buy a Madcatz SF4 SE stick!! I was sick of playing on a pad and low on cash so I bought one out of desperation. Within 4 hours of use the joystick was occasionally getting stuck in certain directions. After 8 hours of use my joystick will no longer register the left direction. I should have listened to everyone trying to talk me out of buying one.

Good thing for 30 day warranties.


thank you, my stick does not register left either, and the same thing happend to me, after a few hours,it got stuck, a few more, and not left :lame:

If you get the se fightstick you might as well mod it with all sanwa parts if you want to avoid all those problems.

I have a Hori. The only thing bad about it so far is that it has a clicking noise whenever you move the stick. Other then that it’s great.

No offence but thats stupid. Horri EX2 sells for $60 in Canada. Shelling out that much dough for that stick is a complete waste. It is a decent stick, but hardly worth that much cash.

i found a horri virtua fighter stick for list price online.

Maybe it was modded with sanwas? I use an all sanwa ex2 and it’s great on SFIV.

Try Gamecrazy, both of the stores in my area have sticks in stock and i hear thats the case in many other places