360 TE Driver Question


I just installed XP on my computer instead of Vista, I now have XP Pro 32-bit SP3…and cant find a driver anywhere that will work for it…any thoughts?

I’ve tried Xinput, XBCD, the official Microsoft ones…nothing works. >_<

Edit: “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”


What The Fuck!?

I plugged in my speakers, so I decide to plug the TE in and see what happens now, I moved the speaker’s USB cord up a slot on the front panel because I remember my TE cutting out sometimes while on the top one…so I plug it into the bottom…Windows installs it just fine.

EDIT:Problem happens again…


So…I guess this is still a problem, I wake up, decide I wanna play some Guilty Gear. Pick up my TE, it was still plugged in, I unplug and plug it back in numerous times, nothing, same problem as before.



bump…this shit is horrible T_T




Bump. Still can’t find a solution.



  1. Select “Controller”
  2. Select either one of the 360 controller options.
  3. Select your OS and bit




Besides, pretty sure that that will only take me to the Xinput or Official M$ drivers anyways. =/


Yeah it’s the up-to-date drivers that are needed for any 360 accessory to work. That’s what I’m assuming.


Direct Link : http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/0/f/00f2a67b-e10b-43b1-8cca-3deb12218f75/Xbox360_32Eng.exe


They wont install on SP3. =/


actually, that’s the one i use on my xp pro sp3 (on two computers) and it works just fine w/an x360 TE, madcatz #4716 gamestop pad, AND official ms x360 pad.


Apperantly it’s my mobo?