360 TE - SGND wire is loose

I noticed recently a few missed inputs (more than normal!) so I opened up my original 360 TE. Looks like the SGND wire has come loose (see photo below). I’m going to soldering it a go this weekend but I wondered if someone could tell me the exact issues that would related to this. It appears all inputs are working so I wasn’t too sure.


It looks like the USB cable’s shield, am I right? If so, the basic idea is to prevent the USB cable from acting line an antenna, for two reasons: 1) so no radio interference can affect the USB signal and 2) so the USB signal doesn’t radiate and cause interference to other devices. It’s connected to the metal hood on the console side, and whether or not it should be connected on the other end is left to the designer*. Interference could mean connection problems, incorrect info sent, etc. In short, you’ll probably never see an issue from it being unsoldered, but it’s a good idea to solder it back down.

*A good, if a bit technical, discussion on this can be found at http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=58811

The SGND or Shield ground came Loose?

No prob, solder it back on or clip it off.

Thanks for the info guys… For clarification it’s the thick black wire right in the middle of my pic. It’s not attached to anything. I assume it should be connect to the hole market SGND on the PCB.