360 TE Stick button problem

Having some trouble w/ my TE stick. when I try to FA, there are times when the input will register, but the move will not come out. I went into training mode and turned on input to verify that the input was registering in the game. I have swapped buttons, same problem. I have also rewired the buttons to LB and LT, same issue.

Any thoughts?

when i opened up my 360 TE stick it was jacked up for a bit. i reopened it and re pluged everything and it works perfect now. Did u try repluging everything?

Yep. did reconnect everything and checked it twice. Buttons work(turned on input display in training mode). The problem is, when I Focus Attack, the input displays but the move does not come out. I just stand there and take free punish.

Try using your other buttons(such as LP/LK or HP/HK) and set them as Focus Attack and see what happens. From what it sounds like the Focus Attack animation doesn’t even come up when both MP/MK are pressed together?

just to be clear…when standing in training mode and doing nothing else, but holding down mp and mk, nothing is happening on screen? are you holding down mp/mk long enough? is the button configuration set to default in the game?

rkmx52- Yes, I rewired my buttons with same results
spektrum- I have tried this several ways. To be clear, this problem doesn’t always happen. if I try to focus 10 times, the problem will occur twice. I have tried it with lvl1 focus, lvl2 focus and lvl3 focus. The game reads the input, but no move.