360 TE sticks working on Xbox but not on my PC

Wondering if anyone can help me out here. I played vanilla SF4 on my dell gaming laptop (windows vista - home premium) with both my ps3 and xbox360 TE sticks without any problems.

I have been playing AE on my PC with my 360 sticks, and they have suddenly stopped working on my laptop. They work fine on any 360 system, but as of yesterday, when I plug them into my laptop they just flash and turn off.

To begin, its a bit lame that my ps3 stick won’t work for AE on my laptop, but still works for vanilla… but oh well. So I have two 360 TE sticks that have worked just fine until yesterday. I can’t seem to figure it out - they work just fine whenever plugged into any 360 system. But when I plug them into my laptop or any other PC they just flash and turn off.

Can anybody help me out?

  1. are you using any USB hubs with the controllers. If you do, stop using them.
  2. Did you try other USB ports
  3. Did you try reinstalling the Stick’s drivers?
  4. Did you set the AE in game setting to accept a stick or game pad?