360 Te with Chimp need help =/


hey guys i recently did my first controller mod and i thought everything went great being my first mod but as i tried out the stick i ran into an odd problem. I rest my hands right over the middle 4 buttons, Y-B-RT-RB, i tend to push my hand down and i hit a couple of them when im playing… oddly enough it triggers “start” and pauses me out, sometimes it even goes as far as triggering Guide. i tested it out and it only triggers when i hit all four middle buttons. i tested the connection and there all clear, solid connections. Is it the chimp that is triggering this in my ps3? is there a way to fix this? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I think it is the wiring.
Because ChImp does not do that.

How much into it did you check of connection?
No short, weird grounding stuff?


none of the wires are crossed, i used a multimeter when i connected everything to make sure there werent any issues with the buttons. should i just try n re-wire my stick?


Did you get a kit and solder it yourself? Pictures please. One guess is that one of the 2 network resistors (long thin things with on the side of the chip) may be in backwards.


They easy to not destroy during removal.


Writing on the resistor arrays needs to be facing the side where the USB wires are soldered. If backwards, you need to remove and resolder on, which can be annoying without breaking. If you break them, get a 10k? bussed 10 pin resistor network, (bussed is important, because they can come in a lot of ways), or you can get get 18 10k? regular resistors, and solder 9 of each to the first holes(wire would be helpful), and then the other end to every other hole. Here’s the schematic which will make sense:

I include it because you may rather go to your local radioshack than having to order 2 bussed resistor arrays. I ordered 2 dozen capacitors repairing some sega game gears online once, and the shipping costed more than what they costed! And apologies for making it in illustrator, it’s not known for its ability of making schematics as cleanly as some sort of CAD. Heh.


thanks for your help guys, im gonna take apart my stick this weekend and see if i can fix it with yall’s advice, ill post pics with it too for some later input, Thanks!