360 te

Can someone help me out… I really need a 360 TE. These are non existent in Canada. Seems like these are easy to come by in the US. Could someone hook me up with one if they come across one at a store. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Try eBay or call your local stores… I doubt someone is going to find one locally and then ship it to some random guy on the internet.

ebay is a ripoff… ebgames is the only store we have that carry it and they haven’t received any. I have had one pre-ordered since I knew they were available, recently cancelled it cause the girl told me that they won’t be getting any in.

I have read quite a few posts of people finding these, hopefully someone can help me out. I can pay thru paypal.

dude ebay is not a rip off quit being lazy

Ebay is a ripoff when a $150 stick is going for $200 plus then they want $50 for shipping. I been searching for a TE for the past couple weeks. So I finally had to make a post since I’m having a hard time finding one that would be close to the CDN retail price range.

do you think you’re the only one?
Everyone that’s been looking for a TE in stock has your exact same problem. Look at the fucking huge ass sticky at the top of this section for help on locating one. You’re going to have to put in attention to signing up for wii alerts/instocknow alerts in trying to grab one.

I signed up at wiialerts a couple days ago. I’m waiting for info on brokerage fees from a few canadians that ordered at gamestop. Hey atleast you have TE’s that are present in stores. Our stores have none… never seen them, probably never will

Actually, alot of us got it online.

here u go bud i live in washington state


There were like 6 of them at my local EB here in Ottawa. I picked up a 360 version.

I didn’t want to be an ass and buy it up though and sell it on ebay. I’m sure they’ll have more of them in stock here.

I sure hope so, thanks for the info

I forgot to mention that one of the staff members at EB told me they will be getting regular supplies of Mad Catz Joysticks in. They have a deal with Mad Catz or something, which is good for people who are looking for sticks.

So give EB a call now and then, you might get lucky. Good Luck!

Edit: btw: My Joystick is also experiencing the stick problems everyone else is experiencing.

Thanks… Thats great news! I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see whats going on. Hopefully they got their ish together over here on the westcoast. Whenever I call them they have no clue and say they won’t be getting them and that only some stores have gotten them. I should have never listened to the chick at EB that told me they were never going to get any in, so I cancelled my pre-order.

What problems are you experiencing?? Are you able to fix it?

I gave EB a call and they said one of the companies that distributes or makes the stick went bankrupt and then the other company that took over production went bankrupt as well. He said they finally got everything worked out , they recieved some ps3 sticks that covered pre-orders. Seems like a bunch of BS cause why are there so many sticks hitting US stores. I sure hope we start seeing some TE’s here in Canada soon.

If anyone can hook me up with a 360 TE please contact me.

Where in western canada are you?

check on craigslist or kijiji

i see lots go for 280 - 300
you are paying a premium of $50 or so dollars (it costs 199.99 + taxes in canada) but that saves you from having to pay shipping to canada.
really up to how much you’re willing to pay, its been a few months and it doesnt look like stores will have stock anytime soon, so if you want one you’re probably gonna have to pay a premium for it.
if you’re willing to spend 230 on a controller chances are $50 wont hurt u much more.

if you’re from vancouver

toronto $260 !


plenty out there…

Thanks I’ll check them out. I’m in Vancouver, BC

Have you considered modding an SE instead? Comes out cheaper, same build quality. Just smaller.

Not really, I like the looks of the TE and would rather use that as a base to mod. Thanks for the suggestion.