360 Team Juri training sessions 9-29-10. We are back

I know a lot of you guys play online. We can have like an online get together like twice a week and talk and play each online.

We should all have a headset so we can talk about match-ups, Mix-ups and other things. Yes i know we can talk about all that stuff in the forums, but its a lot better when people can explain what they are saying and show you.

Its hard for me to put what i have to say on paper so it would be good for us Juri players to hook-up on 2 different nights a week and fight and talk strats.

The days i have would be like Thursday nights after 8:30 and Sunday nights after 8:30.

If people would like to pick other days its open for debate.

I can help run the 360 Sessions, but I have no PS3 so someone else could do that so yeah, just throwing the idea out there

EDIT: To try to make things as easy as possible it would be best if everyone had a headset/mic so people can talk and what not im not sure how you can do it on PSN, but on 360 its best if we all have heads.

heres wireless for stick users



heres wired


Heres for the PS3

Amazon.com: ps3 headset

I would love to occasionally do this, but there’s no way to set a schedule and stick to it because of everyone having different time zones/ work schedules. I think our best option seems to be just to check the Juri Find-A-Friend thread, add some people from there, and play whenever you see them online.

Nice idea, but I don’t think it would work. Logistics ftl.

I do see the flaws in my plan, but its worth a try and Someone could throw out a date and time and people could say if they were coming or not. Its always good to talk to other players and see what there talking about other than just reading it. Its hard to look though page after page of info because theres random things thrown everywhere so its hard to find things.

Hopefully someone will organized the PS3 side of things.

i’ll be able to do this in a week (well actually probably this week) but yeah time zones are gonna mess things up hardcore.

Well, I’m up for giving it a try. I like Thursday. Seems like a good downtime day. Eight pm which time zone? I’m on EST. I always work Sunday nights, though, from six pm to six am, so I wouldn’t be able to make that one.

Add me to your Friends Lists. I only have the game on PS3 right now, but I plan on getting it on 360 fairly quickly.

Let me know if you need help setting things up, Shakugan. I’ll try to help out. My gamertag is xZeroReZx. I’m on my phone right now, so it won’t let me update my profile to have it under my name…

I should have used more details it would be 8pm EST. That would make things weird for the West coast players since many people may be at work. I wouldn’t mind doing it at 10pm EST so it would be 7pm PST meaning people should be home chilling by then.

I will need help on the PSN said of things so if anyone would like to step up that would be very good.

This is a very flexible thing so there is no set nights to do it. It would just be a little bit better if there was 1 or 2 days out of the week where we got together and played and talked strats.

By us doing this it should help all us Juri players level up faster.

hey im not that good but im usually on a lot when im not doing school things so i could help on the PSN side so if anyone wants to contact me my psn is XxlilcrazyxX

I have made a find a friend thread long ago. This thread is useless. F-A-F does the same thing as this,just add anyone and play. get names and ask ppl.

Not really Sir your thread. Shows the players names and where they are from. My Thread is used for gatherings and online battle Session. If you think its useless then tell me way and ill ask to have my thread deleted.

I really see this as being a useful thread. FAF is nice but when you add people sometimes, they don’t response or it might take a few days. At least with this thread it shows the amount of people who are interested in having two training sessions a week.

Hey lets give a chance and see what happens people look interested so its worth a try.

man, i’m willing to give this a shot. just add me.

Just picked up Juri, anyone want to show me the ropes


Just send me a message and we can get some games :slight_smile:

fine. Ill admit,this thread can get some games faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

G18 huh? you seem like a nice enough fellow, maybe well play sometime stranger. -grins-


Add me. I’m “West Daniel” online, and would like to branch into a new character. I’m currently an M.Bison (Dictator) main, but like Juri’s style. I would be willing to play anyone who adds me, and am looking forward to learning her moves and gameplan. And BTW, we have the a similar thread going on the Bison forum, and so far it’s looking successful. I would say these threads are actually a good idea.

I will be adding all of the 360 guys shortly soo who is gonna help run the PSN side of things?