360 to PS3 arcade stick conversion help!

I just bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro. EX and want to play it on the PS3 instead. You may be wondering why I bought a 360 stick if I want to play it on the PS3. Well, I got this arcade stick for dirt cheap so that’s why. Are there any converters out there that you guys recommend? I was searching around the forum and people suggested to dual mod it with a cthulu/chimp board. Is it hard to do? Thanks!

The only 360-to-PS3 converter out there is garbage, I’m afraid. Hit up the Converter Compatibility thread; they have all the info on page one.

So yes, a Cthulu would be your best bet, I think. If you can, go MC so it’ll work on, like, every system ever… lol.

The HRAPEX cannot be dual modded, however if you just only want to be able to play on PS3 it isnt hard.

it can be duel modded needs alot work to common ground 1 though gum did one