360 Trigger leds always on (FGWidget)


I’m building an arcade stick to my 360 using a wireless CG2. All the buttons are working when testing. But I have also installed a FGWidget and the problem is that the leds for the triggers are always on. The buttons are just connected to the trigger (without them being removed). So my guess is that the small current that is coming makes the light shine… How do I fix this?

(And by the way: How do you add a led to the seimitsu bubble top? Drill inside the screw or buy another model?)


If i’m not mistaken, MS x360 cg2 pad is common ground except for triggers. You will have to check with Toodles if a 360^Helper board is useful in your case.

You need a 1/8 inch drill, a 3mm led, and a hollow shaft for lighting up your balltop.

Hollow Shafts:
Sanwa JLF-S9F Titanium Shaft, Hollow - Paradise Arcade Shop
Seimitsu or Zippyy Stainless Steel Hollow Joystick Shaft - Paradise Arcade Shop


I did some testing and rewired some parts. The buttons are working but now the led turns off when the button is pushed. I have a vague memory of that the signal has to be inverted if you remove the triggers? Might that be the solution? Can I invert just the signal to the fgwidget board? Need some help on where to start from here. I don’t want to buy the 360^helper.


The FGW LED Controller expects to be connected to a common ground pcb. If the triggers on your pad are at a low voltage normally and a high voltage when pressed, then the LED controller will think the button is pressed when its not and visa versa. Either remove the signal lines for those triggers from the LED controller, or you’ll need to invert those signals before it gets to the LED controller screw terminals, and that will take a little bit of electronic jiggery-pokery, like a 74HCT04 chip. Info on how to do that is in the original madcatz 4716 thread