360 trigger padhack

Hey guys
I have wired everything up to the joystick but the trigger, I have read about the trigger mod and I understand how to do it but I am just wondering if it is even necessary? I just have a quick question, as long as the trigger is in the pot, then i don’t need the mod right?

Thanks a lot

You can get six buttons without using the triggers. Just leave them alone if you don’t want any additional work. You’ll have to add resistors if you pull them off the board.

so if i use the triggers i need the 4 10k and the 2 transistors right?
i can’t just take out the trigger, solder then put it back is that correct?

thank you for the reply

double post

you cannot just remove the triggers. You need the 2 resistors.

On the Mad Catz pad 2 10k resistors will work. I haven’t done this on a MS pad before.