360 ur opponent when they get up

when ur opponent gets knocked down, doesn’t roll, and gets up, there is a frame (maybe a few frames i dunno the exact number) where u can grab them with a 360 when they are getting up (but they can’t do anything like uppercut, super, etc. since they are still in their get up animation)… after that, there is a short period of time where u can’t grab them at all… even though they are just crouching there… then u can grab them again after this short period of time (but they can also move at this time)

if u want to whiff anything -> 360 as ur opponent gets up, the timing depends on whether ur opponent is rolling back, or just getting up off their back… it is much easier to do this if they don’t roll, as u get a lot more time to position yourself next to them

the whiff moves that i use the most are standing short and jab clap…

standing short is useful for timing and buffering your 360 as it has quick recovery…

jab clap is useful to get your opponent thinking that they need to block/parry… then 360 them as they sit there blocking/tap forward to parry… now if u didn’t time it properly and they do parry the clap, u can then super cancel it into sa1 and grab them during their parry stance

to connect your whiff move->360… u gotta just try it and remember the timing for each character… as there is that short period of time where u can’t grab them when they dont’ roll… and everyone’s get up time is different

i hope that’s a clear explanation… corrections/suggestions are welcomed

I always try to do: lk, wait for a half of a second and then 360 or gigas breaker, it has mayor advantage i think than a shoryuken or a tatsu…

did some testing today… and apparently if ur opponent decides to jump right when they get up (without looking at what u’re going to do to them) they can escape being grabbed by 360… but that’s why hugo has his air grab :cool:

also, if your opponent decides to uppercut right away when they get up, they will hit u after the standing short, before the 360

Yeah but I mean if theyre on the floor getting up, theres enough time to do the lk and then 360 I did twice but I dont know if its just luck :smiley:

i’m not saying that it doesn’t work :smiley:

it’s just that, if u do it too much and ur opponent expects u to do standing short->360, they can escape by jumping right away or doing uppercut/super

i use this move a lot too… just gotta mix it up so they have to guess and block

You can partition the motion while the opponent’s getting up from a knockdown… works very well, but yeah, timing is the key.
You have a full second to finish the partition or you’ll be throwing out something else.

This might be a stupid question…

Besides trying to setup a “brain-freeze”, why do you whiff a short/jab before the 360? Couldn’t you just grab them?

it makes the 360 motion easier to do, ‘cause you eliminate the possibility of jumping mid-motion. Good ol’ SF2 shortcutting works for me, though.

Is it like alpha3 where you can do a 270 motion and the 360 will still come out? That’s how I managed to do those elusive juni and karen throws because the super mega hint guide said it would be much easier to do a standing 270.

Yes. I just roll the stick clockwise (1p side) from toward to up, and the move comes out just fine.


The other day, I landed a 360. then jumped over my opponent as he was getting up. He expected splash, but HA! Another 360 when I land!

Write that shit down people! :slight_smile: lol

I’m a newbie Hugo player. I keep reading about his kara-throw. What normal move do you kara to get the most range? Can you also use it for a kara-360? kara-Gigas even?

Middle kick is the standard kara throw button for Hugo. It doesn’t change, regardless of direction held, so you can use with any standard throw. You can technically use it to kara the SPD or Gigas, but the logistics of either (especially Gigas) is ridiculous.

thanks slimX! heh, can he do one with a punch? :slight_smile:

damn qcf/hcb+k moves.

If you “kara” with standing strong, he grunts as he does whatever move it is. That’s top tier. However, it doesn’t extend the range any.

Can someone help elaborate on the kara 360’s please. Since there is a 360 for both kick and punch, when do you press the kick button for a kara meat squasher?

Also, from looking at Hugo’s MK kara throw, the extra distance is really small, so is it worth it?

Well, some people would probably tell you that any increase in range is useful. Personally, I don’t bother with it because I only use standard throw with Hugo from very close range or to tech. If they’re farther away, you might as well use SPD (since it’s the same speed as a standard throw).

As for doing a kara 360, you can’t 360+MK, punch because you’ll get a meat squasher, as you said. You also can’t HCB+MK or HCF+MK, then finish the rotation and hit punch because you’ll get a wall throw or lariat, respectively. The best you could do is rotate from down-toward to back (or down-back to toward), hit MK, then continue around to up-toward (or up-back) and hit punch. This is why I said it’s ridiculous.