360 USB question

hi guys. i wanted to know if xbox had an official USB hub available (can’t find one) so you could add more than 1 USB device to your 360? etc… like to have a wired usb controller and a network adaptor connected to your 360 at the same time? i cant obtain an ethernet cable so i use a network adaptor, which makes it impossible for me to use my new fight pad or even a joystick, if i had one, on ssf 4. any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Can’t obtain an ethernet cable? A 50 foot one is just over $20, and it will reach just about anywhere you should reasonably desire.

  1. There are three USB ports on a 360 (the third is in the back, and usually where the wireless adapter goes).
  2. Any USB hub will work. I’d recommend making sure it is a USB 2.0 compliant hub just to be safe, but any should work.

hey toodles, i had no idea it had 3. i thought just the 1 at the back! i cant seem to find the first 2?

theres a flap to the right of the power button (or below it if you have your system standing). Inside is two usb ports.


what would i do without you guys! thanks so much:razz::karate:

wait, so you’ve been plugging your wired controller in the back? lol

they are in the front by the power button. Just do a google image search I’m sure you’ll see it. I really hope I’m just misunderstanding, otherwise this is too funny!

lol yep i was plugging it at the back! my only defense is i got my 360 3 weeks ago, im still a noob i know :frowning:

haha, that’s cool. It was just a really funny image in my head. :slight_smile: