360 Version Region Lock?

Hey, quick question, sorry if its been addressed in another thread but even if so having it out in the open will be very handy for a lot of people:

Can anyone comment on whether the 360 version is region locked? Specifically, U.K. PAL/E.U. locked? Kinda hard to find out but Play-Asia haven’t updated their little checkbox thing, and with the game breaking street date, I was hoping someone over there has a U.K. 360 for some bizarre reason, or can find out in some way. We don’t get the game for another month, and while I could order it for PS3, PS3 is fail and most of my friends have a 360 and I’d like to play them.


I actually want to know if I can play the US version of kof xii on my asian 360…

I wanna know if i can play Asian copy on US 360…

I think if it was region-free snk would’ve viralled it as a feature some time ago to boost sales. Wouldn’t make sense to release that sort of info so close to U.S. *official release date.

Hopefully i’m wrong, but I doubt it.

The game is RegionFree :slight_smile:

Us Version works on Japanese 360.

So Japanese/Korean version will work on American 360?

Have you tried it on a PAL 360? If this is true I think I’ll import right away. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen several sites confirming the game is indeed region free.