360 Virtua Fighter V Online? (Link)

From Gamespot:


"Here are some new images of Sega’s Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5, the 360 version will have online play not found in the PS3 version.

Magic box is a Korean base site that gets their info from real sources. I’ve been coming here years now and a lot of times they have info on games before the big boys, and to my knowledge they’re never been wrong on stuff like this yet.

They just have a habit of letting things slip before it’s time. Like when they posted the pis of DOA4 a month before E3 2005"

looks like i have to get a 360 then.

I’ll believe it when I see it in action.

un-fucking-believeable. if this is true, am2 are a bunch of liars.

Most likely they are talking about some form of online connectivity. Match replay downloads or “downloadable content” for example.

I really doubt AM2 would implement an online infrastructure. I mean it would be cool if they did and help boost their sales but they don’t seem to be on the online bandwagon. Even if they did, it wouldn’t hurt the Japanese Arcade sales (since it’s not coming out on 360 in Japan).

I’d wait for clarification on what exactly “online play” is in detail.

im happy with my ps3 version

i dont need online play

enters thread

I… I sense danger…

walks away

I sincerely doubt it will be playable online… We’ll see, after all those rumors about VF5 online play has been squashed to the ground before…

i dunno about this, though in the gamespot preview when they were asking the devlopers about things in this game that aren’t in the ps3 version they said “wait for e3” so in 2 weeks we’ll know exactly what that means.

Damn, that would be a huge slap in someone’s face if it turns out to be true.

99% percent of whats on magic-box is fact. I’ve also been going there for years and they have never steered me wrong.

So yup, another slap in the face to Sony.

Other than it stating it on that page and then having a bunch of screen shots that do not back up the claim, where is the official word from SEGA?

That would be the last needed 3D fighting game to go online…

I don’t understand why they’re doing this to us. We bought the game and now they’re basically saying fuck you Sony gamers. Why didn’t they spend the extra time in development to put this feature in? It’s like well, we can’t do it for PS3 but we can do it for 360! WTF IS UP WITH THAT SHIT??? I’ve already posted a huge protest/boycott thread, here it is


I want all PS3 owners to sell their copy upon the release of 360’s VF5. We don’t need a company that shaft’s it’s most loyal fanbase just because it’s dev’s support another. Namco is making all the right decisions by giving online to both consoles and not only that but it’s multiplatform in the first place, so we all are getting it. Even if Tekken 6 is exclusive, we will probably get online for that too. The fact is, they are giving us what we want and Sega is not.

LOL @ boycott.

Sega hasn’t given out any official word on this. At this point, it’s just speculation. Just take it with a grain of salt. Nothing is final in this day and age of gaming.

vf5 online gameplay footage


LOL! look at all that PPK madness

he shouldve 2+PKG’d after that kd

Right, because selling your copies that you’ve already paid sega for will hurt sega’s bank account. All it would do would increase Gamestop’s account and lower the value of VF5. (if you sold it to GS that is.)

LMAO at a boycott. So if the 360 version is online, and the PS3 one is not, you’re going to sell the PS3 version you have. How does that hurt SEGA? Doesn’t it hurt you more by no longer having a game I assume you like since you bought it? If this shit is officially online, I’d cop. If not, I probably wouldn’t because I would have to play the computer all day…that’s no fun.